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    WCI Information

    Welcome to all of our incoming Gr. 9's joining us in September:

    Gr. 8 Orientation Video

    TVDSB 2021/2022 Calendar with week-by-week breakdown:

    TVDSB 2022/2023 Secondary School Calendar

     Our WCI specific Daily Schedule can be found here:

    WCI Daily Schedule

    COVID Screening and Return To School info. can be found here:

    Southwestern Public Health - Information for Secondary Students

    Registering at WCI

    Register at WCI

    All details to register at WCI for Gr. 8 students and new students available on our Guidance page. All links, forms and information you will need is on this website.

    PLEASE NOTE:  In order to determine your "home school" click below:


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    WCI's Student Success Team

    Looking for help? 

    Feeling down or worried? 

    Speak with a member of WCI's Student Success Team. Most of these individuals can be found in either Guidance, the Resource Room, or the Main office. 

    Need assistance outside of WCI? Take a look at these excellent options to boost wellness.


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