WCI & TVRA Eligibility


  • Ensure that they are registered as a full time student at WCI;
  • Ensure that they are eligible to play according to OFSAA regulations.  If the student is a transfer they must notify the coach and AD in order to seek eligibility;
  • Be in attendance the day of an event, or the day prior for a full day event in order to participate;
  • Maintain regular attendance in all of their classes in order to participate in a co-instructional activity (which include practices and games)
  • Only participate in one major and one minor sport per season, or two minor sports per season.  Students cannot participate in two major sports per season;
  • May not participate (play, practice, or observe) with the team while suspended or expelled from school.


2.1. Subject to the exceptions and additional requirements specified below, it is agreed that the OFSAA by-laws and policies relating to student athlete eligibility are adopted by the Participating Boards, by reference, for purposes of TVRA Contests and the participation of their student athletes therein.

2.2. All student athletes are expected to be in attendance at school on the day of each TVRA Contest. It is expected that student athletes will maintain regular attendance in all their classes.

2.3. No student subject to a suspension or expulsion from school shall be permitted to participate in any TVRA Contest (or any practices relating thereto), during the currency of such suspension or expulsion.

2.4. Student athletes taking courses simultaneously at more than one school must compete for the school holding that student’s registration and Ontario School Record.

2.5. Student athletes competing for a junior team in the sports of football, basketball or volleyball may compete in one TVRA Contest at the senior level in that sport without losing their eligibility to compete in that sport again at the junior level. Upon playing in a second TVRA Contest in a particular sport at the senior level, such student athlete shall not be permitted to engage in further junior level TVRA Contests in that sport for that Sports Season.

2.6. To be eligible for participation in playoff activities, a student athlete must have competed in at least one of the TVRA Contests leading up to such playoff activities. In connection with the foregoing, coaches involved in playoff activities shall provide evidence to the respective Convenor, on request, supporting that a given student athlete’s name appears on an official team list for a regularly scheduled TVRA Contest which led up to the playoff activities in question, failing which such coach shall provide such other reasonable evidence of the subject student’s participation in such regular season TVRA Contest as the Convenor may require.

2.7. If a student athlete has competed in quarter final, semi-final or final match (a “Playoff Round”) in a sport at the junior level, that student shall not be eligible to compete in the same level of Playoff Round in that sport, during that season, at the senior level. For purposes of clarity and by way of example, this means that a student athlete who has competed in a quarter final Playoff Round at the junior level would not be able to compete in the quarter final of the Playoff Round at the senior level for that sport and in that season. Similarly, this means that a student athlete who has competed in a semi-final Playoff Round at the junior level would not be able to compete in the semi-final of the Playoff Round at the senior level for that sport and in that season. Coaches involved in Playoff Rounds shall provide evidence to the respective Convenor, on request, indicating what level a particular student athlete has competed at during any particular playing season.

2.8. Any student athlete who directly receives any monetary compensation for competing in a particular sport shall be ineligible to compete in TVRA Contests involving that sport.

2.9. Any student who is absent from school for a period of more than ten consecutive school days (without reasonable evidence of medical concerns, family bereavement or extended travel), shall not be eligible to participate in TVRA Contests for a period of five months commencing upon the date on which such student athlete commences regularly attending classes.

2.10. A student who has been subject to recruitment activities or other enticement to participate in sport for a particular school is ineligible to participate in TVRA Contests for a period of twelve months from the date such student athlete commences attending the school which has engaged in such recruitment or other enticement activities.

2.11. Any student athlete who participates in any TVRA Contest in circumstances where such student athlete ought reasonably to have known that he/she was ineligible to participate in that Contest on the basis of any of the provisions of this Schedule 6 shall be prohibited from taking part in any TVRA Contests for a period of twelve months commencing from the date of the Contest that the Coordinator determines such student athlete ought reasonably to have known he/she was ineligible to participate.

2.12. The coach(es), Athletic Director (or designate) and the principal of each school with teams participating in TVRA Contests shall be responsible for conducting a reasonable degree of diligence to ensure the eligibility of their student athletes, including, without limitation, complying with the requirements for team eligibility set forth below. Official school documents should be used to provide evidence of eligibility and shall be provided to the Coordinator, upon request, or as may otherwise be required by any OFSAA requirements relating to student athlete eligibility. The Coordinator shall in his discretion be entitled to request, from time to time and at any time, that the principal of any school participating in a TVRA Contest provide the Coordinator with reasonable evidence of a student athlete’s eligibility and such principal shall comply with such request promptly. To the extent that the Coordinator is advised of, or otherwise becomes aware of, a breach of the student athlete eligibility provisions of this Schedule 6, the Coordinator shall assemble such information relating thereto as is available to him (including, that information which the Coordinator or a Convenor is entitled to request receipt of, but without otherwise undertaking any extraordinary investigative measures) and provide such information to the superintendent (designated, from time to time, for such purposes) of the Participating Board responsible for the student athlete in question (the “Responding Board”). The Responding Board shall use reasonable efforts to investigate and consider the matter in question and, within a reasonable period of time, provide a written report to the Coordinator of the Responding Board’s views as to whether or not there has been a breach of the eligibility requirements of this Schedule 6. In the event that the Responding Board reports that there has been no such breach, no further action shall be taken. To the extent that the Responding Board is of the view that there has been a breach of the eligibility requirements of this Schedule 6, the student in question shall be subject to the sanctions contemplated in this Schedule 6 and the Responding Board shall ensure such sanctions are adhered to. It is recognized that the objectives underlying the provisions of this Schedule 6 can only be accomplished in circumstances where the Participating Boards exercise good faith in connection with their adherence to and compliance with the provisions of this Schedule 6. As with all provisions of the Agreement, the expectation of the Participating Boards is that each Participating Board will comply with the provisions of the Agreement both in letter and in spirit.

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